Bring Me To Life Award- you can't nominate stories for this award, the judges will decide the winner of this award based on many different factors. 

Forbidden Love Award- best forbidden love story

Pawprinted Award- best imprint story

Angst God/Goddess Award- best angst story

Hilarity Award- best funniest story

Valentine Award- best romance story

Blast from the past Award- 
best story that take place in the past e.g. 1901,1984...

In the dark Award- story where the author keeps you guessing till the very end

Canon Award- story where the couples are the same as the book

Hero Award- best author

Forever Award- best story where Edward changes Bella

Who Dunnit' Award- best mystery story

The shiny apple Award- best twilight story

The bloody rose Award- best new moon story

The red ribbon Award- best eclipse story

The missing chess piece award- best breaking dawn story

Human Award- best all-human story

Dimension Award- best alternate universe story

Number One Award-
best one-shot

Cliffhanger Award- best story that keeps you on edge

Eddie Award- best Edward story

Bellie Award- best Bella story

The teddy bear Award- best Emmet story

The Thorns of a Rose Award- best Rosalie story

The Tinkerbell Award- best Alice story

The Military Man Award -
best Jasper story

The passionate woman award- best Esme story

Dr.McDreamy Award- best Carlisle story

Songbird Award- best original/creative story

The Clutz and the Angel Award
- best Edward and Bella story

The Pixie and the Empath Award-best Jasper and Alice story

The Grizzly and the Rose Award- best Rosalie and Emmett story

007 Award- best action story

Best Kiss- most memorable kiss from a story

Best Fight- most memorable fight from a story

Cry your heart out Award- best emotional/sob story