IMPORTANT!! 1/10/10

I am so sorry if you feel that i have not tried to contact you or any other voters or nominees, now i am not making up any excuses but the reason the site has crashed, is because the number of votes has exceeded the amount the website should take. Now i have been pestering the administrators to see if they can fix the problem and they have said that they are still dealing with it.

Onto the reason why i haven't been able to contact nominees and voters, this is due to me 'stupidly' trying to fix the problem myself, i know i should have waited but it was taking too long and i think you can agree with me on that.
So i tried to fix the site or transfer the information somewhere else, this resulted in my laptop downloading a virus which took seven technicians another two months to fix :/ (we found out it was a virus they hadn't heard of)
My laptop is now fixed (thank god) I cannot  begin to say how sorry i am to the people who have been nominated or voted.



Welcome to the 'Bring me to life awards'!  The Bring me to life awards is an awards site which helps honour and acknowledge authors who have written stories dedicated to the twilight genre. This site is run by an extreme twilight addict! and i am basically addicted to anything that relates to twilight.
You can call me Greeneyes555, and yes i do have an account set up on fanfiction, but beware i am not as good as some of you out there so be careful XD.

Well i am most definetly 100% Team Edward, but thats just my mind speaking because i know deep down in my heart i have a teeny weeny soft spot for Jacob :)
But don't let that put you off because whether you are Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Alice...Team Mike..shudders...   you'll be sure to find it all here!

I also want to say a quick thank you to my friend, who has offered to help me sort through nominations and decide on winners! Thank you again, i could probably never do it without you! :)

So... there's not much left to say except that this site is created to show off the amazing talent of all you people out there!


Good Luck to everyone :)